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Anzac Fatigue: Why I Won’t be Buying Into the Collective Grief of Gallipoli

April 22, 2015


It’s not even here yet and I am already well and fucking truly over Anzac Day. It’s not that I’m not sympathetic to the idea that 100 years ago a bunch of Australian soldiers (as well as New Zealanders and a host of others) were slaughtered on some ill-fated beach invasion in Turkey. I mean, that’s a pretty sad event by anyone’s measure, but it’s the increasing crassness and commercialisation of Anzac Day and the idea that as Australians we should all come together in some sort of collective consciousness of feigned teary-eyed melancholy. Hell mend you if you don’t feel inclined to participate.

The grotesque “Fresh in our Memories” social media campaign instigated by Woolworths is just one example, but there are many others.

The reality is that we’ve become such a harsh and uncaring nation, as evidenced by our treatment of asylum seekers (with some polls suggesting that 60% of Australians feel we’re still treating boat people too leniently), our indifference towards the young and unemployed – heck let’s cut them off welfare for six months, and the increasing hostility towards Muslims living in Australia.  It’s all part of the Abbott plan, and it’s a fucking disgrace.

It seems as though in the short space of just a few years, we’ve become such a hostile, selfish, and uncaring nation, that we almost need Anzac Day as a way to feel “human” again.  One day a year where we can pause to give thought to others who made a sacrifice that few of us will ever have to make, to ensure that the way of life we “enjoy” today is protected and maintained.

I wonder whether many of those soldiers, 100 years ago, would think twice about making that ultimate sacrifice if they could see what the Australian psyche has become today.

One could be forgiven for thinking that Anzac Day could easily be replaced with any other name, like “thanksgiving day” in the US, where for one brief moment in time, we pause to think of something other than ourselves and our own greedy obsessions with accumulating wealth and material possessions. A type of “confessional” that makes us feel better about ourselves for being the fairly ugly mob of self-serving obsessives we’ve become for every other day of the year.

Heck even the RSL clubs bear no resemblance to their original function or reason for being. Once, the meeting place for war veterans to meet and socialise and look after each other in a warm and supportive environment, today they are multi-million dollar enterprises that look more like Las Vegas casinos than organisations caring for war veterans.

The whole thing has become a fucking disgrace, and I for one won’t be participating in the collective love-in which is more about a “look at me” attention-seeking self-serving indulgence in feigned grief than anything to do with remembering the horrors of war and those who were caught up in the crossfire.

At The Movies: “It Follows” Movie Review

April 19, 2015


The Gutter Trash presents another instalment in our sporadic series of movie reviews especially designed for the attention span challenged.

Today, TGT went along to see the new suspense horror flick the critics are raving about.

Following a strange sexual encounter, a teenager (Maika Monroe) has disturbing visions and the inescapable feeling that someone — or something — is after her.

In short, it’s The Ring meets chlamydia.

Three and a half stars.




Right said Fred!

April 17, 2015


Bumbling git and religious nutjob, the so-called “Reverend” Fred Nile is set to hold the balance of power in the New South Wales Government in the aftermath of the recent State election.

Reverend Nile’s vote is crucial to the re-elected Liberal Government, and in the weeks since the election he has already met with Premier Mike Baird to pray at him.

Moderates are concerned that the 80 year old will use his new found power to prosecute his hate-filled agenda.

Fred is no stranger to controversy and is outspoken on his views regarding homosexuality which he calls a “mental disorder.” He is vehemently opposed to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which he describes as a “public parade of immorality and blasphemy”.

Each year, he holds a prayer vigil, asking god to literally “rain on the parade.”   It has rained once in the last 20 years.

In 2005, Nile called for the repealing of New South Wales anti-vilification law, claiming that the law was “discriminatory” and was being abused to gag free speech and prevent public discussion about homosexuality and their perverse ways.

When Penny Wong announced in 2011 that her same-sex partner was pregnant, Nile publicly denounced Wong’s actions, saying “I’m totally against a baby being brought up by two mothers,” and “She needn’t have made it public. It just promotes their lesbian lifestyle and trying to make it natural where it’s unnatural.”

Nile is also a frequent critic of the Australian Greens, claiming that they have “exploited genuine concern for the environment” in order to garner political influence to “push their agenda of social engineering” (whatever that is).

Nile has criticised the Greens party for what he calls “duplicite political expediency,” citing their push to legalise and fund “illicit drug habits for addicts” such as heroin and cannabis.

He also labelled the Greens as being “anti-family,” “anti-Christian,” and “pagan,” citing what he believes to be pro-pornography and pro-sex industry policies and their opposition to the current practice of opening parliament with daily prayers.

Nile is also opposed to Muslim immigration and in 2010 attempted to introduced a bill to Parliament to ban the burqa and niqab.

He believes that “Halal certification” is imposing Sharia Law on all Australians.

Last year, Nile attended the controversial “World Congress of Families” event in Melbourne as guest speaker and supported the debunked theory that abortion causes breast cancer.

The Australian Medical Association, Cancer Australia and many other health and medical authorities have rejected the link between abortion and breast cancer.

However Mr Nile believes that proponents of the theory are being censored.  He lashed out at protesters and journalists from the mainstream media waiting outside the event as “evil” and “speaking the words of the devil.”

His supporters within the Abbott Government include Senator Eric Abetz, Corey Bernardi and Kevin Andrews.

Kevin Andrews can’t say who Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is for “Operational Reasons”

April 15, 2015


Australia’s Minister of Defence, and “International Families Man of the Year” award winner, Kevin Andrews appeared last night on the ABC current affairs program 730 to explain the Abbott Government’s decision to deploy an additional 330 Australian troops to fight the so-called ISIL “Death Cult” in Iraq.

Much has been made of the ISIL Death Cult in Australia, with Prime Minister Abbott labelling its pernicious ability to recruit young Australians to fight for its ideology both abhorrent and appalling.   The ISIL Death Cult was even linked to the recent siege in Martin Place where a lone gunman held a group of staff and customers hostage for several hours before unleashing a torrent of violent bloodshed.   It was an incident that made international headlines and will be forever embedded in the Australian psyche for years to come.

More recently, young Melbournian teenager Jake Bilardi was lured by the ISIL Death Cult and killed himself in an Islamic State suicide bombing. Once again the ISIL Death Cult’s influence in Australia became international headlines and once again attracted the ire of the Federal Government.

“This is a horrific situation, an absolutely horrific situation, and it shows the lure … of this death cult to impressionable youngsters,” said Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

“It’s very, very important that we do everything we can to try to safeguard our young people against the lure of this shocking, alien and extreme ideology,” he said.

The decision to deploy Australian troops to foreign shores where they put their lives at risk to fight such an abhorrent enemy with extreme ideology should not be taken lightly.  In making the announcement, Mr Abbott said Iraq was a “dangerous place” and the mission was not “risk free” though the troops will remain on a base.

One could be mistaken for believing that the most senior government official responsible for Australia’s defence forces; the Defence Minister, would possess a detailed knowledge of the ISIL Death Cult and the circumstances Australian Defence personnel are likely to face in their fight against this extreme enemy.

However, last night on ABC’s 730 program, Defence Minister Kevin Andrews was at a loss to identify the leader of the ISIL Death Cult.

Mr Andrews was asked repeatedly by host Leigh Sales to identify the Islamic State group’s head.

He repeatedly avoided answering the question directly, instead insisting that “the leadership was complex and shifting.”

Host Leigh Sales asked: “Who is the top leader and what sort of focus is there on his capture?”

Unable to name the leader of ISIL, Mr Andrews opted for the so-called “Scott Morrison defence” suggesting that he could not reveal the identity of the Death Cult leader due to “operational matters.”

Leigh Sales, appearing dumbfounded at Mr Andrews’ response, suggested that it was not an issue of “operational matters” as the leader of ISIL is actually public knowledge.

Despite being asked four times, Defence Minister Andrews was unable to name Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is widely as the leader of ISIL by Western countries and Islamic State supporters.

In his defence, the Defence Minister’s hair was a perfect shade of burgundy, which provided some distraction from the monumental gaffe.


With thanks to our exclusive sources, The Gutter Trash can reveal that Mr Andrew’s choice of hair colour is not in fact Grecian 2000 or Just for Men, but Clairol Nice n’ Easy ‘Natural Dark Burgundy.’

Clairol Nice n’ Easy ‘Natural Dark Burgundy layers rich tones and contouring highlights for natural looking colour in one simple step.

Nice n’ Easy, the natural choice of Australian Government ministers.

New Poll confirms Voters want rid of Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott

April 13, 2015


Bookies are backing Malcolm Turnbull to become the next leader of the Liberal Party as two new polls out today confirm that Tony Abbott remains toxic amongst voters and Treasurer Joe Hockey is considered an abject failure amongst Labor and Liberal supporters alike.

It’s been a horrible anus and a mighty fall from grace for Joe Hockey, the once popular member for North Sydney who famously danced to the tune of “This is the Best Day of My Life” moments before he unveiled one of the harshest budgets in Australia’s living history, slashing health, education and welfare services for low and middle income earners.

Reflecting on his achievement, Mr Hockey and Mathias Cormann were later photographed relaxing and smoking Cuban cigars, an image that many felt suggested that the LNP were “out of touch” with ordinary Australians. Quelle surprise.

It was a budget couched in extreme Liberal Party ideology, a belief that the well-off shouldn’t have to fund the “excesses” of those who are incapable of funding their own “lifestyle choices,” as Tony Abbott would later call it.

Joe Hockey preferred the term “leaners,” in reference to those unable to find work to support their day-to-day living expenses, while elderly father figure Senator Eric Abetz proclaimed that the miracle of employment was available to those who sought it.  Even in cash strapped states like Tasmania and South Australia where jobs are few and youth unemployment sitting at 20 per cent, Senator Abetz suggested that the unemployed would simply find work by sending out more job applications.   40 applications a month was the figure touted by the Libs, but later abandoned once it was brought to their attention that this would simply create an administrative nightmare for employers who faced being inundated with applications.

The harsh measures were justified as necessary for the good of Australia, due to a so-called “budget emergency” created, apparently, by the former Labor government, and one which Julie Bishop would falsely claim as being “the worst set of books inherited by any government in history.”

Despite the lies and falsehoods, last year’s budget measures to slash funding for health, welfare and education have been unanimously rejected by the Australian public.

Christopher “the fixer” Pyne’s so-called “education reforms” remain in tatters, and are unlikely to see the light of day under this government ever again.  His days as the Member of Sturt appear numbered, on the back of cuts to funding to the ABC in Adelaide, a self-inflicted wound if ever there was one, and his master’s decision to build Australia’s new submarine fleet anywhere else but in the home of submarine manufacturing in South Australia.

With the next budget just 4 weeks away, Joe Hockey’s fortunes look less than rosey. He has suffered a massive 45 per cent reversal in his approval rating over the last 13 months, from a plus 20 per cent approval rating in March 2014 to a less than perky minus 25 now.

The morale blow for the government comes as the Fairfax-Ipsos poll for April, found 6 out of 10 voters (58 per cent) say they still want the budget deficit addressed as a “high priority” and a growing number favour an increase in the 10 per cent goods and services tax to help balance the books.

Even among Coalition voters, Joe Hockey has been given a fail mark by a third of respondents at 32 per cent although 60 per cent approve of his performance.

At approval ratings of minus 26 and minus 25 respectively, Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey are equally unpopular, reinforcing a view within the Liberal party-room that a change in leadership would be a 2-for-1 deal resulting in Mr Hockey’s removal as well.

In the crucial election-deciding two party preferred stakes, Labor has opened up an eight-point lead against the Coalition at 54 per cent to the Coalition on 46 per cent – a collapse of three points for the government since last month.

These results, if carried through to the next election, would see an electoral annihilation of the Abbott government, with as many as 36 seats falling.

The next Federal election is likely to occur during the latter half of next year.





Tony Abbott: “The Last Thing we want is Some Sort of Human Rights Free for All”

April 10, 2015


AAP: Tony Abbott warns voters not to cave in to demands of Human Rights “do-gooders”

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott says his government deserves more credit for the good work it’s doing in quashing a resurgence in political correctness and “human rights gone mad.”

In the wake of a damning report that found senior government officials were aware of human rights abuses occurring on asylum seeker detention centres on Naura and Manus Island, Mr Abbott warned voters against siding with the findings of the Human Rights Commission.

Mr Abbott told reporters in Queensland that the Coalition are the only government strong enough to stop the boats, and that any other government would have “succumbed to the cries of the human rights lawyers”.

That’s right, only an Abbott led government would have the intestinal fortitude to defend the physical, sexual and psychological torture of women and children held in its care as a significant achievement.

“Look, if we start giving these so called asylum seekers, illegals, refugees or whatever, human rights, then pretty soon everyone will want them,” he said.

Mr Abbott marked up the achievement as another feather in the government’s cap alongside scrapping the carbon tax – a former Labor government initiative designed to protect the environment for future generations.

Despite these achievements, the Prime Minister and his advisers remained puzzled by consistent polls that show that the Prime Minister has fallen out of favour in every state and territory across the country.




Abbott’s ICE Taskforce Destined for Failure

April 8, 2015


TONY ABBOTT has today established a new Federal Police Task Force “Operation ICE Hysteria” to tackle the so-called “ice epidemic” that threatens to destroy the very thin fabric that tenuously holds this fragile society together.

Neglecting to tackle the societal precursors that tend to lead to drug use (poverty, unemployment, social isolation), Mr Abbott instead held a press conference to express his disgust at the level of illicit drug use prevalent in Australia today.

“As a citizen and as a parent I am appalled at what is happening on our streets and in our homes,” he said.

It’s also making people less photogenic he said.

“The propensity for violence, the propensity to subsequent very serious mental illness, the propensity to disfigurement which ice produces means that this is a drug epidemic way beyond anything that we have seen before. And the last thing we need is more ugly people on the streets,” he said.

Although drug addiction is widely regarded as a mental health issue, the Prime Minister decided against allocating any funds or resources towards Australia’s struggling mental health frontline services, instead opting for a greater investment in police services that are focused on prosecuting dealers and users, because, well, that whole “war on drugs” thing has worked so well in the past.

RELATED: Mental Health services personnel say help is needed on the frontline.

UNRELATED: Tony Abbott’s approval rating slumps right across Australia.







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