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October 31, 2014


Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, says Australians have a right to be “shocked” and “outraged” over chilling footage of radicalised children that flashed across the screens of the ordinarily restrained Channel Seven nightly news program.

In fact the so-called “Muslim youth group” is now under investigation following the discovery of the disturbing video.


In this disgusting and sickening video, children as young as six years old can be seen calling for an end to Australian democracy as well as inciting violent action against non-Muslims and to reject Australia and its values.

Speaking to The Gutter Trash on Friday, Ms Julie Bishop condemned the footage calling it “preaching of hatred.”

“It’s an ideology that preaches hatred against the country in which they live,” Ms Bishop said.

She also said that the Federal Government will work to push through new terror legislation as early as today.

“Until that passing through the parliament.. we don’t have an offence for the promotion of terrorism,” the Foreign Minister said.


A terror risk expert says it’s “brainwashing,” and aimed at creating “violent extremists.”

“These are disturbing and shocking images and they do raise concerns about the welfare of the four young boys who are identified in the video,” Family and Community Services Minister Gabrielle Upton said.

A group calling itself The Muslim Youth Project runs regular events for young children.

In the video of the event held on September 21 in 2013 in Lakemba, young boys rally under the banner “Soldiers of Khilafa” with a six-year-old proclaiming:

“You’re never too young to be a Soldier for Khilafa.”

The children promise to die fighting to end democracy in Australia, replacing it with Islamic Sharia law.

They also call for American President Barack Obama to ‘go to hell’, for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be beheaded and for an end to Western ideals.


“I think it’s ugly, I think it’s sickening, and I think it’s absolutely disturbing,” Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said.

“It’s one thing for these peddlers of vicious hate to do that themselves, which is appalling enough, but to recruit children into such a sickening display I think appals all Australians of all religions, rightly.”

The man leading the chant is Bilal Merhi, a senior figure in the radical group Hizb ut Tahrir.

He was recently in Indonesia delivering a sermon to 200,000 people.

“Yes my brothers, we will change the world to suit Islam… The Muslims living in Australia are also engaging in this struggle,” he said in a video of the sermon.

After the 2012 riot in the streets of Sydney, Merhi lead the call for Muslims to hit back with force, saying: “Those who mock you, ridicule, insult you, they will not hear our response, they will see out response.”


Immigration Minister Scott Morrison called the group a “cult,” no doubt calling on his own experience as a member of the Hillsong Church.

“This is a cult which exists in a very small section of Australian society and it’s a cult that we need to weed out,” he said.


“Hizb ut Tahrir is not part of the solution in this country in terms of countering violent extremism… They’re rats that are crawling under their rocks as the spotlight comes onto them, but we need to get this poison out of the system” he said

The Gutter Trash approached Bilal Merhi, Abu Zakariya, Abdul Rahman El Mir, The Muslim Youth Project and Hizb ut Tahrir but they have all failed to respond to requests for comment.

The Muslim Youth Project is planning another event this weekend.




Former Liberal Minister calls Abbott Govt a “Lying Pack of Toads!”

October 31, 2014


From the files of “with friends like these” the Gutter Trash proudly presents this in-depth investigation into the unfolding travesty of Badgery’s Creek – THE MUSICAL!

Former Liberal minister Jackie Kelly has called the Abbott government  “lying, lying, lying toads” for betraying western Sydney on the Badgerys Creek airport.

Kelly, the Howard government star who resigned from the Liberal party two weeks ago over its failure to reform,  accused her former friend Tony Abbott of treating western Sydney residents “like schmucks” just “so the north shore can get their curfews”.

Tony Abbott’s electorate of Warringah is on Sydney’s affluent north shore.


In his first infrastructure statement to parliament this week, Mr Abbott said that the decision to go ahead with Badgerys Creek airport was “irrevocable” and would be supported by “a wide range of infrastructure,” including roads and rail.

“That’s a crock,” Kelly told The Gutter Trash on the condition of anonymity.

“They are lying, lying, lying toads” she told our infrastructure reporter.

“They haven’t planned for it, there is no money on the table … Badgerys Creek will be a 24-hour airport mostly for freight” she said.

“It will put even more trucks on our roads. The north shore can get their curfews but we schmucks who live in western Sydney don’t deserve caps and curfews. We deserve better representation.”

Kelly said a Badgerys Creek airport would not attract “cheap airfares” because it would mainly cater to freight and so western Sydney residents would still have to trek into Mascot to fly out.

She said she has had many people asking her to run as an independent in the next federal election but she has ruled it out at this stage.

However, Kelly committed to helping the No Badgerys Creek Airport group run candidates and a campaign at the federal election, and she believes the group will garner enough support to tip seats away from the government.

Kelly resigned from the party over its failure to implement reforms in the Howard report on party reform, in which John Howard recommended every Liberal party member be allowed to vote for local candidates.

Kelly has not spoken to Abbott since her resignation from the party but said he knows her views because she has been saying it “inside the party” for many years.

“The difference is now I can say it outside the party,” Kelly said.

Abbott, who campaigned on being the “infrastructure prime minister”, told parliament this week the government had begun consulting with the Sydney Airport Group on Badgerys Creek and the construction would begin in 2016.

He said an upgrade of Bringelly road and the WestConnex would support the Badgerys Creek airport to give western Sydney the “modern infrastructure it deserves”.




Senator Nova Peris sought taxpayers’ money for freaky “Tim Tam” extra-marital sexual tryst with Olympic medallist Ato Boldon

October 30, 2014


Less than two weeks ago, Australian Olympians Nova Peris and Cathy Freeman were photographed together smiling, with their arms draped around each other’s shoulders.

The photograph, one of a series taken at a function in Melbourne on October 17, describes those in the images as “friends” and was posted on the Cathy Freeman Foundation Facebook page and Twitter account.

But, if a series of private emails reportedly sent by Senator Peris in 2010, before she entered politics, are to be believed, she once held a less-than-favourable view of Freeman, her 4×400 metre track-and-field team mate from the Sydney Olympics.

“Like Freeman here, she is so so dumb (sad but true) and has a national profile of running fast achieving awesome things but seriously can’t talk for shit, and has zero communication skills,” Senator Peris reportedly wrote in the email in 2010 to Olympian Ato Boldon.

The Gutter Trash has obtained explicit email exchanges between Senator Peris, who at the time was an Athletics Australia ambassador and communication officer with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, and Boldon, the four-time Olympic medal winner from Trinidad and Tobago.

The disgusting email exchange suggests Senator Peris used taxpayers’ money to bring Boldon to Australia to help her carry out an extra-marital affair with him.

Senator Peris and Boldon have denied any wrongdoing in relation to his 10-day trip to Australia.

In a statement, Boldon said there were “gross fabrications” in the story.

In this so-called string of emails, Senator Peris allegedly discusses setting up a global foundation that would be known for “delivering outcomes (sports, health and education) … for indigenous people”, and tells Boldon of her frank assessment of Cathy Freeman.

” … I don’t want to say oh s*** I wish I had of f***** Ato when he came to Australia … lol … cause I regret that I didn’t 10 years ago, wish I wasn’t the reserved person I was back then the shy…,” Senator Peris allegedly wrote.



But wait there’s more!

Nova Peris also sought taxpayers’ money to help her to carry out an extra-marital sexual tryst with Olympic medallist Ato Boldon in 2010 according to an EXCLUSIVE GUTTER TRASH PROBE!

Ms Peris, who was working as a communication officer with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies at the time and as ambassador for Athletics Australia, sought funds from Athletics Australia and other sources to pay for Mr Boldon’s trip to Australia from Los Angeles to take part in a 10 day official “Jump Start to London” program for young athletes.

She also used that trip to carry out a “just like a Tim-tam… black on black” affair with Mr Boldon. She was married to Daniel Batman at the time.

“Ato…tell me babe…what u want … Make a bit of money and spend time together … I will take time of from work to be with u,” Ms Peris wrote in an email exchange obtained by The Gutter Trash

Mr Boldon responded: “Purpose is time with u plus attend trials plus help them promote the trials and possibly guest broadcast on the tv station carrying it…need hotel ticket plus 15,000 US…”

Athletics Australia confirmed they did pay for Mr Boldon’s flight to Melbourne from Los Angeles and covered his accommodations and some “incidentals” while in Australia…

In other emails obtained by The Gutter Trash, Ms Peris sent multiple nude pictures of herself to Mr Boldon and spoke candidly about her views on race relations in Australia.

“…You should be compensated for your long haul travels across the pacific.. sexually of course… but only .. a tired traveller should kick back for a few days,” Ms Peris says on Feb 28, 2010…

Ms Peris responded to questions posed by The Gutter Trash last night, saying she “categorically rejects any wrongdoing”.

“During his trip Mr Boldon promoted athletics, attended and promoted specific events and conducted clinics for young Indigenous athletes,” she said.

“…I understand Athletics Australia was pleased with the outcome of the visit… The highs and lows of my private life are matters for me and my family.”

In earlier emails from February 26, 2010, Ms Peris assures Mr Boldon she will find the money for him.

“…all expenses paid meals & accom and a fee!! Don’t know what it is I was thinking around the $10k I don’t know bub…if your purpose was to come here and make a bit of money or holiday…it was not in the budget to bring any profile athletes out but…I am goin through the indigenous grants mob….they can do was I have suggested…but I am not sure what they can do …”

Ms Peris was married to Olympian Daniel Batman, the father of two of her three children, at the time….

The exact total of money Mr Boldon received is unclear but in an email from mid-March, Ms Peris writes that she had managed to round up $22,000 for him, on top of the money Athletics Australia paid.

“It’s not that I don’t think it is unreasonable, and i totally agree you should be paid up front, its just that the money is government funds…

“…this is all black money babe…..but rightly so being used for the interest of indigenous kids babe….white people hate black people in this country, and don’t like for things to happen if there is no salt in the mix….”




Joe Hockey Explodes over Pizza Debacle!

October 29, 2014


The nation’s Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has used a frustrating experience at a pizza restaurant to make a political point about excessive regulation.

Ironically, Mr Hockey was officially launching new research today that shows government is stifling private enterprise with ridiculous regulations.

According to lard arse, a new report by Deloittes suggests that the Australian economy, and productivity, is being choked by as much as $250 billion each years because of of red tape.

Of that, $155 billion is self-imposed regulation set by the private sector.



In some cases, the self-imposed rules were just “dumb”, according to Gerhard Vorster, Deloitte’s chief strategy officer and co-author of the report.

“When excessive red tape lowers productivity it ultimately lowers growth and the standard of living for all Australians,” he told a captivated audience in Canberra.

Mr Hockey described red tape as a “handbrake” on the economy.

Source: Meaningless analogies explained

Source: Meaningless analogies explained

Mr Hockey used a personal experience to emphasise his point.

When he, his kids and family friends were at a local pizza restaurant they tried to push two outside tables together.

An apologetic owner said that wasn’t allowed under council regulations.

Mr Hockey then went inside to get another chair for the eight-strong group.

The owner told him that wasn’t allowed either because the limit was seven chairs.



“That’s when I exploded,” the treasurer said.

“I actually tracked down the local mayor … and I think the whole suburb heard the conversation.”

The launch of the report coincided with the government’s second “repeal day”, where it is ditching nearly 1000 unnecessary pieces of legislation and regulations covering 7200 pages.

The government says it is saving $2.1 billion in compliance costs for individuals, businesses and the non-for-profit sector.




Her Name Was Reeva Steenkamp

October 26, 2014

Reeva Steenkamp

The following article is by Kat Lister a Freelance journalist and writer living in London…

I’m going to start by naming the victim. Her name was Reeva Steenkamp. I’m starting with Reeva because, like so many female victims of violence and abuse, her name has been lost, worse still: voluntarily disregarded.

In a Twittersphere where language is edited and words counted and capped, it is language that has most shocked me today, the day that Oscar Pistorious was sentenced to five years for the ‘culpable homicide’ of his girlfriend, Reeva. He will probably only serve 10 months.

If you think the South African judiciary system has failed Reeva, it has company: language has failed her too. It fails women time and time again.

In South Africa, a woman is killed by domestic violence on average every eight hours. In the UK, on average, 2 women a week are killed by a current or former male partner. Yet how often do we speak their names?

This very question racked my brain when reading today’s Guardian piece entitled ‘Oscar Pistorius should not be going to jail’. I had to read it twice, thrice and then again. I read it out loud, I read it in my head, I shouted it at my husband for good measure.

‘Men such as Pistorius have had their lives ruined…’ There it was again. Perhaps I was reading out of context, I thought? I kept reading, Simon Jenkins kept omitting: ‘…No one will be more or less “deterred” by the length of his jail sentence.

Finding why he behaved as he did, and working to prevent others doing likewise, would be the most useful outcome of his crime.’

His jail sentence, his crime, his life, his guilt. The language of the perpetrator is everywhere, yet the language of the victim is nowhere to be found. 439 words and Reeva isn’t named once, referred to singularly at the beginning with poetic abandon:

‘He killed his girlfriend.’ What we have here is an insensitively-timed rumination on prison reform at the expense of a ‘girlfriend’

Simon Jenkins didn’t even have the consideration to name. Spectacular timing in a year when it was revealed around 90% of all reports of domestic violence to police forces in England and Wales are taken no further.

I would love to conclude that Simon Jenkins’ words are an isolated occurrence, but I know the truth is that they aren’t.

You only have to google the name ‘Ched Evans’ to realise it is the male narrative that dominates our media outlets. The former Sheffield United striker was jailed in 2012 after being convicted of raping a 19-year-old woman in a hotel.

Over the last few weeks following his subsequent release, our language has once again been saturated with ‘he': His jail sentence, his life, his proclaimed innocence.

Another victim lost, another headline: ‘Like all rapists, Ched Evans will never be really free’.

The same could be said for Ched’s 22-year-old victim, forced to change her name and move house after her true identity was outed by internet trolls.

Ched’s victim was named 6,000 times alongside labels such as ‘slag’, ‘tramp’, ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’. If we’re discussing freedom, one might consider lifelong anonymity and online abuse the real prison here.

So why is her freedom less of a consideration than his? When will the narrative change?

There are some days when ‘hashtag feminism’ seems insubstantial to me and I question its value. Like so many of us, sometimes I forget about the collective power of words when it’s preceded by a hashtag.

Not today. There is a reason why #HerNameWasReevaSteenkamp is trending today and it has nothing to do with commercial gain and everything to do with remembering there is a ‘she’ who lost her voice on Valentines Day and her name was Reeva Steenkamp.

Her life, her death, her name. Let’s not forget her.





Look what They’re Trying to do with Our Welfare Money!

October 24, 2014


Under the auspices of “caring for the unemployed,” the heinous Abbott government is currently colluding with the big banks to introduce a new controversial scheme that would see welfare recipients issued with a debit card to ensure they use their benefits for things like food and clothing and not on necessities like gambling and alcohol.

The proposal was recommended by social philanthropist and erstwhile mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest  as part of his self-published and so-called “review of indigenous employment and training,” released in August of this year.

Mr Forrest’s “welfare management scheme” would see all welfare payments to all Australians, other than age or veterans’ pensions, paid into a savings account, which would then be accessed by a “health welfare card”.

It would be fully redeemable at any Australian shop that accepts Visa and MasterCard with electronic and EFTPOS payment facilities.

The government has been examining Mr Forrest’s 256-page report, which also suggested parents should lose their family payments if their children wagged school.

This would direct “spending to purchases that sustain and support a healthy lifestyle for the recipients and any children … and to savings for larger expenses”.

When the report was handed down, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the government had “no plans” to expand welfare quarantining as widely as Mr Forrest had recommended.

However, just yesterday, the “head”of the Department of Social Services, Mr Finn Pratt (yes, that is his real name),  told a Senate committee that the government had been “talking to the banks” about the struggling mining magnate’s suggestions.

This comes after Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Alan Tudge (yes “Tudge”), told The Gutter Trash  earlier on Thursday that he would be having “further discussions in weeks ahead with the banks in relation to [the card's] technical feasibility, its practicalities and its costs”.

He said the idea behind the card would be to prevent the “absolute destruction” which alcohol is causing in some communities.

More than 20,000 Australians currently have their incomes managed voluntarily or compulsorily around Australia in places including the Northern Territory, Perth, the Kimberley region, South Australia and Cape York, with trials in local government areas, including Bankstown, Greater Shepparton and Ceduna.

Some welfare recipients have their incomes managed to deal with issues around child protection, financial hardship. and drug and alcohol dependency.

Other people have their incomes managed simply because they have been on a particular benefit – such as Youth Allowance – for three of the previous six months.

Another scheme under consideration is to simply scrap welfare payments altogether.  This would slash the amount of welfare money spent on drugs and alcohol by almost 100% said Mr Tudge.

The current schemes, which were introduced by Coalition and Labor governments, quarantine at least half of a person’s payment for necessary items and prevent spending on things such as alcohol, cigarettes, home brew kits and pornography.

These schemes are due to end in mid 2015 and mid 2016 and so the government is considering new measures to stop the waste.

Welfare groups have warned that increasing controls around how people spent their welfare payments could backfire, arguing that existing controls already cost the Commonwealth $1 billion without producing results and stigmatise people on low incomes in the process.

But earlier this month, an evaluation found that in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands of South Australia, the introduction of voluntary income management had helped people with chronic financial management problems.

Another evaluation of trials around Australia found some people who volunteered for income management were less likely to run our of money for food and accommodation.

Greens senator Rachel Siewert said forced income management was not fair and “not the right way to treat people”.

“We know it has a detriment impact on people’s sense of control over their decision making.”

She added that Mr Forrest’s proposal would not be cost neutral to the banks.

The government will consider the Forrest recommendations together with the McClure review into the welfare system, which is due to be completed in November.



The Weekend Arts Show with TB!

October 23, 2014


You wouldn’t think that someone, anyone in fact for that matter, from Queensland would possess any sort of artistic inclination whatsoever. And you’d be right.

However TB has turned this long-held perception on its head (despite his “quirky” dress sense) by taking this impressive black and white photograph during a trip to Fraser Island..

Nice work TB!  :)



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