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Scott Morrison Caption Competition!

May 26, 2015


The Catholic Church is The Real Death Cult

May 21, 2015


The Catholic filth are back in the headlines this week with new allegations of rampant and heinous child sex abuse taking place within its institutions on an unprecedented scale.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is this week holding public hearings in Ballarat to examine historical abuse suffered by children at a number of schools in the area.

A number of victims have come forward to reveal harrowing accounts of abuse perpetrated by the Catholic clergy and other members of the Church.

It’s been confirmed that some of Australia’s most notorious child sex abusers, including Gerald Ridsdale, Robert Best and Edward Dowlan, were part of a paedophile ring operating in and around Ballarat for many years.

In her opening address, Senior Counsel Assisting the Commission, Gail Furness SC, outlined the extent of Ridsdale’s offending.

She said the inquiry would hear evidence of Ridsdale’s time at the Mortlake parish during the early 1980s, including comments from the priest who took over from Ridsdale.


“Father Dennehy told the Catholic Church’s insurance investigator that he thought every male child between the ages of 10 years and 16 years, who were at the school, had been molested by Ridsdale,” she said.

Ms Furness said Ridsdale was a “prolific offender” during his time at Mortlake.

She also told the inquiry Cardinal George Pell – who later became Archbishop of Sydney and now oversees the Vatican’s finances – was one of seven present at a meeting in September 1982 where Bishop Ronald Mulkearns discussed the need to remove Ridsdale from the school.

She said under the heading of “staff” the notes from that meeting read:

The Bishop advised that it had become necessary for Father Gerald Risdale to move from the Parish of Mortlake.

Negotiations are under way to have him work with the Catholic Enquiry Centre in Sydney.

A new appointment to Mortlake will be necessary to take effect after October 17th.

The minutes did not disclose whether the Bishop said why the move was necessary, she told the inquiry.

“However … it is expected that there will be evidence that Bishop Mulkearns knew it was because Risdale had abused boys in Mortlake and that he had offended in this manner in 1975,” she said.


All male teachers and the chaplain at the St Alipius primary school were molesting children

All male teachers and the chaplain at the St Alipius primary school were molesting children

Ballarat was one of the most horrific sites of abuse and it was revealed that in 1971, all male teachers and the chaplain at the St Alipius primary school were molesting children.

Ms Furness said the royal commission would also hear from a survivor who had a photograph of his grade four class at St Alipius in the 1970s.

She said he would tell the hearing, of the 33 boys pictured, 12 had committed suicide.

Philip Nagle (circled) claims 12 out of the 33 of pupils in the photograph went on to commit suicide because of the sexual abuse that took place at the school.

Philip Nagle (circled) claims 12 out of the 33 of pupils in the photograph went on to commit suicide because of the sexual abuse that took place at the school.

In his opening address, inquiry chairman Justice Peter McClellan urged those attending the hearing to remember the victims and survivors.

“The evidence in the first stage of this hearing will include the personal stories of a number of survivors,” Justice McClellan said.

“That evidence will describe the gross violations of individuals by ordained members of the Catholic Church.

“As you are aware, the royal commission has revealed many shocking stories of the betrayal of children.

“As we listen to the evidence in this hearing, we should all reflect on the impact for those who have suffered in the Ballarat region, and the thousands of others who have suffered throughout Australia.”

“There will be evidence that his behaviour around boys was no secret,” she said.

Paedophile Pall George Pell denies all allegations of a cover up

Paedophile Pal George Pell denies all allegations of a cover up


David Ridsdale, the nephew of Australia’s worst pedophile priest, said he told Cardinal Pell in 1993 about the abuse at the hands of his uncle. He told the royal commission that Cardinal Pell, a family friend, asked him in a phone call: “I want to know what it will take to keep you quiet.”

Mr Ridsdale said Cardinal Pell started talking about his growing family and that he may soon have to buy a car or house.

He said his response was “f… you George and everything you stand for”.

After he hung up, Mr Ridsdale said he told his sisters about their phone conversation.

“I remember saying to both my sisters: ‘the bastard just tried to bribe me’,” Mr Ridsdale told the royal commission hearing in Ballarat.

“I have never stated that Pell offered me anything specific or tangible in our conversation, only that his attempts to direct the conversation down a particular path made me extremely suspicious of his motivations and what he was insinuating.”

Cardinal Pell has previously denied Mr Ridsdale’s claims of bribery.

In a statutory declaration made in 2002, when David Ridsdale first spoke of his call to Pell, the then Archbishop of Sydney said he recalled the conversation.

“Although I do not recall the precise date of the telephone call, I recall that it was while I was an Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne and that it was around the time of police action against Gerald Ridsdale.

To the best of my recollection the call took place early in 1993,” he said.

“He told me that he had been abused by his uncle. He also told me of financial difficulties that he, his wife and children were experiencing.

“I felt sorry for David and would have been keen to help him if I could. However, there was no basis upon which I could have provided him with any significant financial assistance.

“In my telephone conversation with David, there was no mention made of David going to the police. I did not consider his call or the conversation to be threatening in any way. David did not make any threats and did not swear at me.

“It was alleged that I said to David words to the effect “What will it take to keep you quiet?” I emphatically deny having said these words or any words to that effect.

“I emphatically and totally deny the allegation that I made any attempt to buy David’s silence.”

Pell also denied he offered to buy David a house or a car.


Contradictory statements…Cardinal Pell said in 2002:

“At a distance of 28 years, I have no recollection of any such conversation. If I was approached and thought the stories plausible I would have informed the Christian Brothers.”


One victim says he told Cardinal Pell about boys being abused at a Victorian Catholic school but that he told him not to be “ridiculous and walked off’’.

Giving evidence at the commission, Timothy Green, 53, said that he told then Father Pell in 1974 that something had to be done about Christian Brother Edward Dowlan touching boys at St Patrick’s College.

“I said Brother Dowlan is touching little boys,” Mr Green told the commission. “Father Pell said ‘don’t be ridiculous’ and walked out.”

Mr Green, who said he was 12 or 13 when he told Cardinal Pell, was himself a victim of Dowlan. “Father Pell didn’t ask any questions. He didn’t say what do you mean or how could you say that.

“He just dismissed it and walked out. His reaction gave me the impression that he knew about Brother Dowlan but couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything about it.”

Cardinal Pell is a former Archbishop of Melbourne and Sydney and is currently a senior figure at the Vatican in Rome where he is Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy.

Cardinal Pell is also expected to be asked to provide a statement to the Royal Commission about Mr Green’s claim. Cardinal Pell has previously denied Mr Green’s account when it was made at the trial of Brother Dowlan.


Cardinal Pell, who supported Ridsdale at his first court appearance on child sex offences in 1993, shared the St Alipius’ presbytery home with Ridsdale in 1973.

He has faced criticism for offering support to priests facing accusations of abuse rather than offering support to the victims of their actions.

It’s about time that these Catholic scum face the full force of justice and be held to account for their heinous crimes.

Abbott Relegates the Unemployed to “Junk Status” at Meeting of Business Leaders

May 20, 2015


Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott has relegated unemployed people to “used car” junk status who can be used, abused and tossed back on the scrap heap if they don’t measure up to an employer’s expectations.

The controversial measure, largely overlooked in the recent budget, will see unemployed people perform “work experience” for employers as part of the Government’s “work for the dole” program.

Addressing Queensland’s Chamber of Commerce, Mr Abbott told business leaders that they will be able to have a “try before you buy look” at unemployed people.

“It gives you a chance to have a kind of try before you buy look at unemployed people,” he said.

The measure paves the way for exploitation of the unemployed with no onus on the employer to provide initial or ongoing training, or any surety of employment beyond the initial trial period should the employee perform satisfactorily in the role.

The scheme provides zero protection for job seekers who may simply fall victim to unscrupulous employers who may view the scheme as a revolving door opportunity to benefit from a free workforce.

The Prime Minister says job seekers will be available to do up to four weeks work experience without losing their welfare benefits if they have been unemployed for six months.

“I think this is good for you, it gives you the opportunity to get staff who want to have a go. And it’s also good for the unemployed people of our country, the young unemployed people in particular, because it gives them the opportunity to show a potential employer what they can do rather than what they can’t do.”

The “try before you buy” comment has already received some backlash, with independent senator Nick Xenophon saying the remark was unhelpful.

“It’s probably not helpful to compare someone who’s trying to find a job with a used car that you can take for a test drive,” he said.

The new proposal comes as the government abandons its controversial plan to force young unemployed people to wait six months for the dole.

Abbott Govt Still Heading for Electoral Annihilation

May 18, 2015


Despite media reports that the Abbott Government is supposedly enjoying a post Budget “poll bounce,” the actual facts paint a different story.

According to Newspoll, the Abbott Government has lost further ground to Labor in the wake of Joe Hockey’s second Federal Budget, slumping by 1 percentage point to 47 per cent while Labor gained 1 point to 53 per cent in the crucial election-deciding two party preferred stakes.

Curiously, the Newspoll survey methodology was to only ring landlines, not mobiles which tend to be favoured by younger voters, and then “adjusted the sample to reflect population distribution.”

Nevertheless, Newspoll still shows that the Abbott Government is on the nose with voters and Tony Abbott would still lose an election if it were held today.

However you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise with headlines like this.

What the Halal is Going On?

May 15, 2015


First it was the guy in the chocolate shop, then it was the 17 year old kid who went overseas and blew himself up, then it was the news that Vegemite is linked to the ISIL “Death Cult,” now it’s speculation that “strict Islamic practices” are being introduced in an Islamic college in South Australia.  And all this as the US declares that a terrorist attack in Australia is now “likely.”
Just what the Bloody Halal is going on…..??!!!

Should we kill Johnny Depps’ Dogs?

May 15, 2015


Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce has lashed out at controversial shock jock Kyle Sandilands calling him a “savage little man” after Sandilands called Joyce a “wanker” for his handling of Johnny Depp’s dogs.   Depp is accused of secretly smuggling his dogs into the country, which is against the proper process.

The drama unfolded earlier today on Sandilands’ so-called “Kyle & Jackie O Show,” when the Immigration Minister was attempting to explain why he was threatening to have Depp’s dogs euthanised.


Sandilands was furious that Johnny’s pet pooches have been placed on Death row, telling the agriculture minister he has had made Australia look like “a bunch of hillbilly rednecks.”

“I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be fined or the dogs shouldn’t be quarantined,” Sandilands replied.


“What I’m saying is, you sound like an absolute clown telling the guy to bugger off back to Hollywood or we’ll kill his dogs.

“You sound like an idiot. You should have re-worded your statement.

“You’re a government minister – have some decency.”

“Jeeze Kyle, that seems interesting coming from you,” Joyce shot back.

This only infuriated Sandilands further prompted this heated exchange:

Sandilands: “Oh shut up, Barnaby. You’re an absolute joke, Barnaby!”

Joyce: “Keep going mate. Keep going mate. Good on you.”

Sandilands: “I’m going off because you sound like an insensitive wanker.”

Joyce: “You’re a savage little man aren’t you?”

Sandilands: “I’m not even a little man, I’m six-foot-one.”

Depp is in Australia to film the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie and avoided Australia’s obligatory quarantine measures when he flew his Yorhsire Terriers “Boo” and “Pistol” by private jet to the Gold Coast.

Although, the Department of Agriculture won’t comment on specific cases, a spokesperson told The Gutter Trash that all animals entering Australia must follow proper processes.

“All animals entering Australia must have an import permit, which is only issued after confirmation that all import requirements have been met.

“These import requirements, which include rigorous health and biosecurity checks, are essential to ensure pests and diseases from overseas are not brought here.

“Any animal which is imported without meeting Australia’s import conditions will be ordered into quarantine and will either be exported or euthanised.”

The Agriculture Minister said the fact the two dogs were not declared to Customs is a “concern” for Australia “because Pistol and Boo come from a country that has rabies”, and added “Pistol and Boo have had their lives threatened by the actions of Mr Depp” as a consequence.

Mr Joyce spoke to The Gutter Trash this morning with the latest update about Depp’s two dogs.

“I’m informed that Pistol and Boo are preparing to fly on a private jet back to the United States which is the best news that I’ve got,” Mr Joyce said.

The Gutter Trash understands that there is a countdown clock preparing for the dogs’ impending executions.

Budget Night Bingo: Live Drinking Game!

May 11, 2015


Yes folks, it’s that time of the year, where once again we hear this Government’s great plans for the year ahead – it’s visionary economic growth strategy that will see Australia propelled head first onto the global stage of economic enviousness.

Taking a leaf out of the Government’s own self-inflicted austerity measures, but without sacking our own staff, we have decided to re-use last year’s Budget Nite Bingo Card, mainly because not a lot has changed since last year, although perhaps tonight we will hear the term “fair” bandied about a fair bit.


Print the picture out in colour and cut it out with a pair of scissors. Using some glue (optional) stick it onto a piece of cardboard. Allow to dry. Tune in to the Live Budget Broadcast on ABC at 7:30pm and when you hear Joe Hockey say something funny check your Bingo Card and if what he is saying is written there take a slug of wine or beer (or spirits if you prefer).  Compare notes with other people here at the blog “in real time!””

If you’re sober at the end, you’ve lost.

PS. The Gutter Trash does not condone irresponsible drinking. Enjoy alcohol in moderation. (Which is where you might find egg).


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