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January 24, 2013

Good piece by Miglo on the woeful state of political journalism in Australia..

The Australian Independent Media Network


In this recent piece in The Australian Laurie Oakes laments the decline of traditional journalism as it faces the rise of independent journalism. The article leads off with:

Press gallery veteran Laurie Oakes has warned how new media technologies are challenging political journalists with “implications for the health of our political system”.

He is rueful that what he calls fact-based journalism is now confronted by what he calls the march of opinion. It is interesting that he blames new media technologies and fresh opinions as the threat to traditional journalism. I would blame the decline in mainstream media standards, which I will return to later.

The Oakes story was repeated a few days later in the National Times of The Age where he continued his lament:

I want to be optimistic about the future of political journalism and the press gallery, if for no other reason than that its…

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  1. el gordo permalink
    January 24, 2013 10:25 am

    Not bad, Migs.

    At the moment the fifth estate is young and naive, but it will develop strongly as newspapers collapse.

    Late last century I picked up a masters degree in communication (my business partner says I still can’t communicate) and my dissertation was on the demise of print media.

    The writing was on the wall, but we had no idea of the pace of the communications revolution.

    Now that we are almost there, a successful blog needs to be funny (like Jon Stewart news) and robust. To gather large numbers who come to amuse themselves, yet don’t comment.

    Most importantly, journalists in the msm need to get a possible glimpse of what’s coming… the news before it happens…

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