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The Gutter Trash welcomes participation from all members of the local and international community and there are many ways to get involved.  If you’re based in Australia, you’re welcome to attend any one of our  open editorial forums (pictured above), held monthly in Melbourne’s cbd.


1980's BJ Board Of Directors

Here at The Gutter Trash we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals keen to join our energetic Board of Directors to further drive our international expansion  and plans for world domination. Although limited positions are available, it’s not beyond us to bump someone off to make room for someone else. In fact, here we are burying our last member.


Contact us to register your interest in becoming a part of this dynamic team!


SRU Student Government 2012-13

At The Gutter Trash, we simply couldn’t get by without the support of our enthusiastic team of volunteers.  From back office administration services such as proof-reading, sub-editing and fundraising, our team enjoy working tirelessly for little or no reward simply for the good of humanity. You too can experience this thankless life of subservience and abject poverty. [Please note that dress codes apply].

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