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Election Night Special!

May 18, 2019





‘End Of Life As We Know It’: Kerri-Anne Predicts Global Apocalypse if Labor win!

May 15, 2019



One-time celebrity show queen and now disgruntled embittered middle-aged hag Kerrie-Anne Kennerley has issued a dire warning for Australia and “the rest of the world” claiming that a Bill Shorten – Labor win this Saturday night will “end life as we know it.”

The once popular celebrity made the startling prediction on Channel Ten’s “Studio 10” daytime chat show earlier today claiming that no one will be spared from the global death and devastation that will be unleashed across the planet [as early as next week].

The bizarre tirade began innocently enough but exploded into a doomsday prophecy when the conversation turned to gender dysphoria.

The veteran host, 64, immediately slammed Labor’s plan to set up a taxpayer-funded National Gender Centre.

‘One thing I’m seriously outraged about, the millions and millions they’ll spend on a Gender Commission,’ Kennerley said.

‘These kids out there who are gender confused, and there’s a percentage of people out there gender confused, they will put up this Commission and we, like Tasmania, will have a child and it won’t be male or female, it will be gender-free.

‘That’ll be national.’

Kennerley was referring to Tasmania’s new policy of making gender optional on birth certificates – although Mr Shorten has said he will not implement this nationally.

Ms Kennerley also attacked Mr Shorten’s economic policies, including his proposed changes to the way profits from shares are taxed.

She admitted that she had to ‘google’ what franking credits were but went on to criticise Mr Shorten’s planned changes to them anyway.

‘Taking money retrospectively, as they will do, that franking credits, I had to google that, this is the way (for) self-funded retirees not to leach off the government pension.

‘They look after themselves. They’ve got a plan. He’s going to rip that off them.’

She also criticised Mr Shorten’s plan to remove tax breaks for property investors.

‘He’ll put in negative gearing… no more investment into houses so your rent will go up.’



It’s On: Election 2019!

April 11, 2019


The Gutter Trash Annual Budget Night Drinking Game!  

April 2, 2019


I’m not sure if I can bring myself to witness the insipid drone of that monumental dullard Josh Frydenberg lie unashamedly about some fanciful return to surplus, but for those with stronger intestinal fortitude, here is The Gutter Trash Annual Budget Night Drinking Game!

And people say that Twitter is just an “echo chamber”

March 26, 2019

Here’s a chap who was suggesting that George Pell was about to expose financial corruption at the the Catholic Church and so the criminal charges were a “set up” and “payback” by the Church hierarchy…





Sentencing George Pell

March 12, 2019


The sentencing of Cardinal George Pell will be broadcast live at 10am this Wednesday.

Statement from the court: “The County Court is committed to the principles of open justice.

Chief Judge Peter Kidd’s sentencing remarks in this matter will be “broadcast live.”



The Spirit of John Clarke Lives on!

March 12, 2019




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