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Woo woo! Magic Bus!

November 7, 2018

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Wentworth Votes!

October 19, 2018


All eyes will be on Wentworth this weekend as the local posh people head to the polls in their twin sets, pearls and mean pursed lips.

Home to Malcolm Turnbull, a once popular politician who has since ditched politics in favour of a reclusive lifestyle in New York, Wentworth is one of Australia’s wealthiest electorates. It takes in the affluent eastern suburbs of Sydney including Australia’s richest post code of Point Piper and has been held by the Liberal Party since Federation.

Malcolm remains a popular and high profile individual in the electorate and according to the mood on the street, there is palpable resentment over the way he was assassinated by Peter Dutton and his co-conspirators.

Despite being urged to support the Liberal Party contender Dave Sharma, Malcolm has been uncharacteristically silent, no doubt enjoying a fair serving of schadenfreude over the perilous state of affairs the Liberals now find themselves in.

If, as polls are suggesting, the Libs lose Wentworth it will be a mortal wound for Scott Morrison who is already on life support after a series of gaffes earlier this week.

Times are so desperate they even resuscitated the rotten corpse of serial liar and war criminal the lying rodent to campaign on their behalf.

Klansplaining: “It’s ok to be White”

October 16, 2018


Yesterday 28 Senators voted in favour of Pauline Hanson’s racist stunt that “it’s ok to be white.”

In its entirety, the bill called for the Australian Senate to acknowledge “the deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilization.”


“People have a right to be proud of their cultural background, whether they are black, white or brindle. If we cannot agree on this, I think it’s safe to say anti-white racism is well and truly rife in our society,” Hanson said.

Speaking against the motion, Richard Di Natale said being white in Australia wasn’t just okay, it was “winning the lotto.”

“Just look around this chamber and see how many faces you see that aren’t white. Have a look in the privileged positions of Australian society, people who occupy these seats of the rich and powerful. How many of them are not white?”

If you’re still in any doubt, “it’s ok to be white” is a slogan created by white supremacists – and your government just voted for it.

While the vote was defeated 31 – 28, the number of Senators supporting the bill shocked many, with Mathias Cormann forced to front the media to somehow Klansplain away the Coalition’s enthusiasm for the racist bill as an “administrative error.”

So the Morrison government would now like us to accept that Government senators accidentally voted for a white supremacist meme which Hanson had flagged well in advance. Not one in their ranks baulked at the idea and many endorsed it soon after.

It’s really quite something else.

Michael Pascoe responded to the Government’s defence perfectly..

The government supported a racist meme for the base political motive of courting a divisive, pig-ignorant minority party. Either you’re not man enough to be honest about it or, worse, you actually support it. Nobody’s buying your bullshit on this.




October 15, 2018

Scott Morrison and Karl Stefanovic

Rumours are rife that former leader of the Nationals Barnaby “beetrooter” Joyce is set call a leadership spill as early as next month.

Joyce reluctantly quit as Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader back in February after revelations of his affair with his former staffer Vikki Campion caused a public furore.

However, his successor Michael McCormack has failed to make any headway with supporters of Joyce now advocating for the former leader to take another tilt at the top job before the year’s end.

Sensing imminent defeat at the next Federal election, many within the Nationals believe salvation of the party rests with Barnaby Joyce and his “straight shooting” style.

Marginal seat holders began to depend on his blunt, candid style, with a majority believing his leadership could save them come election time.

Many believe Mr Joyce still has strong leadership ambitions, and that he has “worked hard” to rebuild his tattered reputation.

The former leader has been spotted wining and dining colleagues and journalists with Ms Campion and his daughters by his side.



Coalition back in the race with Morrison at the helm

October 15, 2018


Latest Newspoll shows Morrison in commanding humiliating loss

The decision to dump Malcolm Turnbull and install Scott Morrison as PM has paid dividends for the government with the latest Newspoll showing the Government trailing Labor 47 to 53 on the election-deciding two party preferred basis.

Prior to Turnbull’s demise, the Government was sitting at 49 to 51.

Mr Morrison and his LNP colleagues will be further buoyed by the Fairfax-Ipsos poll, also released last night, which shows the Government trailing Labor by a mere 10 points on the 2PP.

The Fairfax-Ipsos survey also found that that 74 per cent of voters oppose laws that  allow religious schools to dismiss students and teachers based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status.

Poll Gloom for Bill Shorten

The decision by the Liberals to dump Turnbull from the prime ministership 7 weeks ago and install the former treasurer resulted in an immediate dive in the polls – kind of like a “reverse honeymoon”.

The prime minister now faces a significant test on Saturday, where the Liberals will attempt to hold Malcolm Turnbull’s Sydney seat of Wentworth, however several polls suggest there will be a strong protest vote against the government.

“God talks to me at 4.30am”

Fortunately, the PM claims to have a direct line to the almighty, and is convinced that the Government will prevail this weekend and at the Federal Election next year.

Meanwhile in the real world, today’s Liberal party “comeback” as reflected in the polls would deliver the ALP an electoral victory equal to the largest win in the past 35 years.



Fact Check: Will you pay more tax under a Labor Govt?

October 8, 2018


The Prime Preacher Scott Morrison, has declared Bill Shorten’s plan to fund schools and hospitals as a plan for Australians to simply pay more tax.

Is he right…?

Or is it just bullshit…?

A quick historical check confirms that LNP led governments have been the highest taxing governments since 1973.


AFL Grand Final Preview!

September 24, 2018


From the mahogany desk of Tom of Melbourne comes this year’s AFL Grand Final Preview..!

The Eagles are the most loathsome team in the AFL – and not simply because of their history of drug taking or their association with gangsters.  That’s just how everyone behaves in Perth – really, there would never have been a mining boom without gangster types!

The Eagles are loathed because of their supporters. While those who barrack for Collingwood are toothless** bogans and equally biased, they can be excused, in part. It isn’t their fault that –

  • They’re illiterate dole bludgers
  • Their parents were also illiterate dole bludgers
  • Their parole officer was a Collingwood supporter and so was the arresting police office

Collingwood supporters didn’t have a choice, it’s generational, socio-economic and everyone in the housing commission block barracked for them.

On the other hand, Eagles supporters had a choice – the team is only about a generation old, the traditions of the club have as much depth as the Perth cultural and arts community.

And the fans are so unsporting! The crowd is full of middle class fanatics – sharing their insulting spittle with other outraged family groups whenever a free kick is paid to the opposition. There’s dad teaching his 8 year old son how to burst a blood vessel while screaming at the umpire because… well, who knows why, but everyone is doing it!

It is painful to recommend support for the Magpies – but good taste requires a Collingwood win.

**Please note – that’s an exaggeration, most Collingwood supporters have at least 4 teeth.


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