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Pauline Hanson: Sideshow Freak or simply misunderstood?

March 7, 2017


She’s considered a racist, redneck homophobe and imbecilic tadpole by pretty much everyone outside Queensland, but Pauline Hanson’s rapidly gaining a foothold in other parts of Australia including what’s lovingly called “Western Australia.”

But who is Pauline Hanson, and why would anyone really want to know?

These are two seemingly contradictory questions that not many people are asking and frankly who can blame them.

Those teetering on the brink of curiosity would have been well served to catch Ms Hanson displaying her knack of tapping into the “vibe” of what she calls “people out there” during a bizarre interview with Tracy Grimshaw on Channel Nine’s bastion of prime-time TV journalism “A Current Affair.”

Speaking to a somewhat bewildered Ms Grimshaw, who is now the size of a medium size dwelling, Hanson claimed that Muslims are “taking over Australia’s suburbs” by offering people “suitcases full of cash” to move out, and questioned whether there are any “good ones” living here.

Hanson denied her views were extreme and said she was speaking for “ordinary Australians” when she expressed fears that the country was being “overrun by Muslims.”

“I hear Australians that have lived just nice, quiet lives in their suburbs and then they’ve had Muslims come in there who have changed their suburbs,” Ms Hanson told the program.

“They’ve built these mosques and they have their cars parked across the driveway or they have rubbish thrown over their fences.

“Or they go and knock on their door because they won’t move out and threaten them. ‘Listen mate, you better take this suitcase full of cash and get out of here.’ It’s having an impact on our educational system and, you know, in our schools and our swimming baths. [It’s] their attitude.

“The burqa should absolutely go. This is Australia.”

“The full face covering I think is wrong. If they want to live that way and have their sharia law, then I suggest they go to a Muslim country.”

Asked if she believed there were any “good Muslims” living in Australia, Ms Hanson suggested they were difficult to spot.

“I believe there are some that want to live a good life and a quiet life,” she said.

“But you tell me — you line up a number of Muslims, who’s the good one?”

“Where are the Muslims who want to speak up more? Why aren’t we hearing from them?”

“How often do we ever hear from them Very, very rarely,” she said.

“Everything’s that been thrown and everything over the years, with all the media where were they, Tracy? Not to be seen. All right? I couldn’t care less what anyone says about this,Because I’ve got my self-esteem and self-respect and I really don’t care.”


A line up of Ahmadiyya Muslims – hellbent on destroying our way of life during Clean Up Australia Day. But which one is the good one?

Ms Hanson, also said Australia was at risk of becoming a “third-world country” if the major parties did not get their act together.

“The grumbling from the people — they’re actually fed up with both sides of politics, whether it be Liberal, Labor or the Nationals, and they certainly don’t want the Greens.

“’People actually want to see One Nation in power. And that’s what I’m picking up all the time.”





Can Turnbull Survive today’s Horror Poll?

February 27, 2017


The chaotic rabble over at the Coalition are today waking to another a Newspoll that shows their election losing streak continues unabated with Labor now leading 55% to 45% on a two-party-preferred basis.

This massive 10 point lead would see the Coalition wiped out if an election were held today

The Coalition has also been haemorrhaging voters to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, which has doubled its primary vote to 10% since November, now matching the Greens.

Outspoken Nationals member George Christensen would struggle to keep his Queensland seat if an election were held today, with voter support for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and the Liberal/National party now neck and neck, according to new polling.

One Nation and the LNP now have 30 per cent each of the primary vote, according to polling last week by ReachTEL and commissioned by the Australia Institute.

The doomsday prognosis comes in the wake of Turnbull’s recent rabid dog performance in Parliament, which clearly hasn’t resonated as much with the public as much as it did with his colleagues.

The Coalition’s primary vote has fallen to 34%, a drop of five points since October, but disaffected voters appear to have favoured One Nation and other minor parties, with Labor holding steady on 37% over the same period.

Almost one in three voters said they would choose neither of the two main parties, with One Nation and the Greens both on 10% and a further 9% selecting other minor parties.

These numbers are worse than when Tony Abbott was knocked out of the top job by Malcolm Turnbull in September 2015.

The dramatic poll result is expected to send shockwaves through the Coalition when Parliament resumes in Canberra today.





February 24, 2017


I’m just going to leave this picture here.



One Nation candidate warns of Nazi style covert gay ‘Mind Control’ program

February 14, 2017



  • Gay Lobby using “Nazi style mind control program” claims One Nation
  • Brainwashing technique orchestrated by two homosexuals from Norway
  • No one is safe!

One Nation continues to attract interesting characters with the Party’s candidate for Bateman in Western Australia announcing that the gay community covertly uses a ‘Nazi style mind control program’ to convince people to support marriage equality.

Michelle Meyers was initially announced as the party’s candidate to take on Southern River MLA Peter Abetz, but she’s been relegated to the seat of Bateman – where she’ll take on the Liberals’ Dean Nalder.

Last year Meyers took to Facebook to express her outrage at Christians who were accepting of the LGBTI community.


“Are you wondering why even some Christians are being swayed by the gender industry’s pitch and push for same sex ‘marriage’ and acceptance of fake families?” the One Nation candidate asked.

She goes on to explain the the LGBTI community use a disingenuous mind control program created by two unnamed homosexuals from Norway.


While declining to go into the specific details, Meyers says the gay community’s ‘secret mind control program’ is similar to ‘brainwashing techniques’ developed by the Nazis and the Soviets.

As she does in several other posts, Meyers describes gay people as being ‘unnatural, unproductive and unhealthy.’

The candidate labels the children of gay and lesbian people “fake families”.

The Gutter Trash approached One Nation’s Michelle Meyers, and WA leader Colin Tincknell for comment but they have yet to respond.

Angry Pensioners slam Entitlements Cuts

February 13, 2017


A GROUP of elderly people feel ‘victimised’ and ‘trapped’ after government cuts age pension entitlements.

Pensioners are up in arms after changes to the Age Pension assets test announced earlier this year mean that their age pension payments will be slashed.


Jenny Freemantle, 65, said: “This has made me very angry. I’ve been a Liberal voter all my life and I feel very betrayed.”

“You’ve got all these young people sitting on the dole, and all these foreigners coming here to take our jobs and destroy our way of life. It’s a disgrace.”


Irene Bedford, 78, added: “We feel victimised by this, as we are the ones who have been working all our lives and now we’re being unfairly targeted because other people refuse to work.”


James McGuigan, 82, said: “This has made a lot of us, 14 to be exact, extremely angry as we are relying on pensions to get by.

The Government’s Coal Fraud Must End

February 13, 2017


As Australia is in the grip of a record-breaking heat wave, LNP Minister Scott Morrison and Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce thought it would be hilarious to bring a lump of coal into Parliament and wave it around as if it were the answer to climate change and the scorching temperatures outside.

Malcolm Turnbull, who once declared the he wouldn’t lead a party that wasn’t committed to action on climate change as much as he was, has yet again capitulated to the right wing climate change denialists within his own ranks as he joined in the hysterics.

When  you consider that the “rest of the world” is waking up to the dire consequences of climate change, and taking action to reduce dependence on coal consumption for energy, Australia faces a grim future when our elected representatives continue to spruik the lie that coal has a long term future in an increasingly renewable energy focused world.

In fact, even the government’s traditional ally over at The Australian has come out swinging with Alan Kohler slamming the government’s position – “the great coal hoax.”

“Coal is by far the most expensive fuel for generating electricity, full stop — if the cost of dealing with climate change is taken into account,” says Kohler.

“Scientists have clearly detailed what those costs are, so they can’t be ignored. Emissions trading is merely a way to use market forces to price energy according to the true cost of the fuel used to generate it.”

“Now that we know the true cost, failing to price coal properly — continuing to pretend it’s cheap — would be like a restaurant pricing its menu to recover only the cost of the food, without accounting for overheads and wages — a short trip to bankruptcy.”

“In fact the price of solar energy is now falling so rapidly it won’t be long before even the unadjusted price of coal is higher than solar. The Coalition, meanwhile, is clinging to the idea that we need to build more coal mines.”

The reality is that we continue to be lied to by LNP government, whose opinions are dictated by the vested interests of their corporate donors in the mining industry.

Australia is burning under record-breaking temperatures with the trend set to continue into the years ahead.  This so-called government’s response is to carry on like a bunch of immature school kids; brandishing lumps of coal as trophies, denying the science and slamming anyone who disagrees with their coal-focused obsession as “coal-phobic.”

At what point do we decide enough is enough?

At what point do we claim self-defence…?

Statement regarding Eaten Fish

February 6, 2017

MEDIA RELEASE    5th February 2017 Failure to transfer Eaten Fish to Australia will lead to another death on Manus Island Eaten Fish has been on a hunger strike for 6 days now and weighs 48 kilos. …

Source: Statement regarding Eaten Fish

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